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Travel information

Travel information

Novokuznetsk was founded in 1618, and in the past centuries has experienced an eventful history. The city first gained importance 120 years ago when the first mineral ressources were found in the Kuzbass Area.
During the time when Stalin was in power, the city was populated and consistently industrialized and expanded to this day into a leading mining centre in the middle of Siberia. Approximately 600,000 people live in Novokuznetsk today.

The city has its own airport and can be reached daily from Moscow by Siberian Airlines and Ural Airlines.

The largest hotel in the centre is the Novokuznetskaya, which is near the central place of the city of Novokuznetsk.

Novokuznetsk is one of the largest industrial centres of Western Siberia, and the home of the two metallurgy state holding companies “West Siberian Metallurgical Combine” (ZSMK, ZapSib) and “Novokuznetsk Metallurgical Combine” (NKMK; in former times known as KMK). Both are amongst the largest steel producers in Russia. This is also the location of the Novokuznetsk aluminium plant, the Novokuznetsk factory for ferrous alloys, several coal mines, the Kuznetsk Basin, machinery manufacturing companies, food-making factories and two combined heat and power stations.

Brief travel information - Novokuznetsk / Russia

  • Hotels available in all price categories - Tourist and First Class

  • Good transport links

  • Currency: Ruble (approx. 77,97 Rubles = 1 EUR,
    (April 2016 - subject to currency fluctuations)

  • Visa required

  • Local time: CET + 5 hours

  • Climate: continental - hot, dry summers, extremely cold winters
    extremely cold winters, January: max 0° C / min. - 29 ° C

Visa Processing for Russia

Please note that you will need a visa for your trip to Russia. It is very important to apply for a visa early.

You will receive further information about the visa proceeding:

  • at a local embassy of Russia or the responsible Russian consulate in your home country

  • from any travel agency with Russia-experience of your trust

Important: Messe Düsseldorf GmbH is not entitled to give invitations for visa processing or any support for obtaining a visa.


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