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Powerful trade fair trio in Russia UGOL ROSSII & MINING, NEDRA ROSSII and SAFETY & HEALTH 2017 in Novokuznetsk Press release

Powerful trade fair trio in Russia UGOL ROSSII & MINING, NEDRA ROSSII and SAFETY & HEALTH 2017 in Novokuznetsk

The entire spectrum of mining for a promising market

Russia’s mining groups are investing heavily in advanced technologies – and this is also the development strategy of the Russian Federation until 2030. Despite declining commodity prices, coal continues to be an important export product, and the demand for plants and machinery is correspondingly high. In Germany alone the volume of mining equipment exported to Russia increased by around 70 per cent during the first quarter of 2016. This makes it especially important for international companies to be clearly visible at UGOL ROSSII & MINING, NEDRA ROSSII and SAFETY & HEALTH 2017 and to develop market opportunities for themselves in Russia.

A vast range will be covered by these three major trade fairs at the Kuzbass Fair Exhibition Center in Novokuznetsk from 6 to 9 June 2017, showcasing technology highlights in the industry and comprising the entire bandwidth of the mining sector. It is clearly structured into three exhibitions:

  • UGOL ROSSII & MINING, 24th International Trade Fair for Coal Mining Technology, Preparation and Materials Handling

  • NEDRA ROSSII, 3rd International Trade Fair for Exploitation, Processing and Refining of Metals and Industrial Materials

  • SAFETY & HEALTH, 8th International Trade Fair for Occupational Health and Safety in the Mining Industry

  • Since the realignment of UGOL ROSSII & MINING in 2015 this trade fair has been focusing not only on energy resources, but also on ores and industrial minerals as major elements for the mining industry. NEDRA ROSSII will provide genuine added value to trade visitors and exhibitors alike.

    "The trade fairs in this trio ideally supplement one another. Each has a clear focus on a specific spectrum, thus offering visitors a superb environment where they can obtain comprehensive information about the range of machinery, equipment, third-party products and mining solutions. At the same time, international exhibitors are given the best possible opportunities to present their innovative products, maintain contacts and position themselves on a highly promising market," says Werner Matthias Dornscheidt, Chief Executive Officer of Messe Düsseldorf.

    Another sector that is becoming more and more important in modern mining is SAFETY & HEALTH. The modernisation strategy until 2030 has led to stricter legal provisions in occupational health and safety. Moreover, a large amount of investment in research and development is now flowing into the improvement of pit safety. SAFETY & HEALTH has the following focal areas: personal protection equipment, accident prevention, emergency and fire protection, dust control systems, pit safety systems and systems to prevent explosive gases.

    When it comes to SAFETY & HEALTH, Messe Düsseldorf can look back to many years of experience with its global star among occupational health and safety trade fairs, A+A in Düsseldorf. This expertise is the basis for its collaboration with Messe Düsseldorf Moscow and its Russian partner Kuzbass Fair in organising the most important mining trade fair in the major coal city of Novokuznetsk.

    About UGOL ROSSII & MINING 2016:

    UGOL ROSSII & MINING 2016 featured around 500 exhibitors from 25 countries, showcasing their innovative products on 12,000 sqm of net exhibition space. The exhibiting nations included Russia, Australia, China, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, the United Kingdom, Israel, Italy, Japan, Canada, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Norway, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, South Korea, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Belarus and the United States. Among the international exhibitors, Germany was represented by the largest number of companies – 58 in all – at the Kuzbass Fair Exhibition Center. Over 27,100 trade visitors came to Novokuznetsk on the four days of the trade fair.
    For further details on UGOL ROSSII & MINING, NEDRA ROSSII and SAFETY & HEALTH 2017 please visit

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    November 2016

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